Big Brother 16 and Teen Wolf

I finally figured out what some Zankie shippers remained me of……..Sterek shippers from Teen Wolf.

If you keep up with both of these fandoms you know what I’m talking about…..

And Amber is kinda like Megan Tandy (Braeden) at the moment.

I’m confused on how Amber is on Zach’s dick or wants to “fuck” him because he is popular?

If you want to go on hardcore facts, lets go… Didn’t Amber have more followers then Zach before he told around 6 million people what his twitter name was……and he did it not once, but twice? I would call him “popular” if most of those followers found him and not him shouting himself out on TV.

Zach would call Amber a ‘smoke bomb’ all the time but when she gives him a compliment back she “wants” him.

People keep forgetting that Zach said most of the things that he said about Amber to her face and it was public knowledge that he felt that way about her. And all the things that he actually called her fake about where things that she actually did do but he felt were odd. Not things that he made up and said she did. 

Hayden: What?